WW2 era M1 with USMC helmet cover

Hi guys managed to pick up this little beauty off eBay. This frog skin cover has the EGA patch sewn onto both sides of the cover. The cover itself has no button holes or any other markings, so does this mean this is a WW2 period cover with EGA patches sewn on instead of the usual ink stamped EGAs we normally see?
The helmet itself is a late WW2 period helmet. The steel helmet is a McCord with a heat stamp of 1061G (November 1944) and the liner is a Westinghouse with blackened brass A washers so puts this one to around mid 1944 to the Wars end. The helmet and liner are both marked on the side in black A 56 so definitely an original pairing cool militaria
The woman I bought it off told me it’s something she had kept in storage for nearly 20 years so this one was a really nice sleeper :)

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