Need help! Bahnschutz Railway Police Officer Sleeve Eagle?

Hey Cloth Experts,

Need some brushing up on my insignia knowledge and opinions here. I have always thought I knew the exact difference between Bahnschutz and early SS-VT eagles. I was wondering if I could get verification these two different examples? Are they both the same?

I believe them both to be Railway Protection Police officer’s sleeve eagles but one has more gold thread and one adler’s wings is slight;y thinner it seems. Embroidered in silver-gray thread on dark blue-gray wool base. 4 1/4 inches wide. Some have said in past that Bahnschutz eagles are the ones on dark blue / gray wool backing like this one I have pictured and the black backed wool is strictly SS-VT…Did Bahnschutz as well have both wool backing colors? Seems to me the (Bahnschutzpolizei) eagle beak is far more pronounced and drooping downwards? Were the adler’s wingtips span more upwards as well? Look forward to your thoughts.

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