Dutch M95

I have a Mannlicher M.95 bayonet that I was told was brought back from the Second Boer War by a Canadian soldier. From the research I’ve done, it would seem that it’s an early version, made sometime between 1895 and 1900, as it has a quillon. It also seems to be intended for the Carbine No.3, as its pommel is turned 90 degrees. The scabbard appears to be of the Bicycle Corps variety. The Crown T inspection marks would seem to indicate that the bayonet was inspected by K. A. Brauning, probably at Steyr, and the bayonet may possibly be from the first shipment of M.95’s. Would you all agree with what I’ve written so far?

My other questions would be, is the Boer War bring-back story plausible? Also, the bayonet appears to have been shortened. Does this destroy its value?

Here are some photos:

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide!

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