M1 helmet unusual heat stamp Transitional St Clair liner

Hi guys struck lucky on eBay again with this helmet. Seller had it listed it as an ‘M1 helmet with nice liner’, he didn’t know how nice the liner actually was :D
The steel pot is a front seam fixed bale made by McCord. The helmet chin straps are the M-1917A1 type with the raised bar buckle and hollow back and brass J hook with sharp tips. The heat stamp is unusual and I believe this to be a miss strike (common problem in early production) as it looks to be 2o1C so the middle digit is probably a 9 or an 8 so would put this helmet to around September/October 1942. The helmet front seam also appears to have a weld of some sort directly in the seam and has rusted over the years (field repair?).
This particular St Clair liner from what I have read is the Type 6 version and was the more common version in use from late 1942 to early 1943. St Clair received its first contract in January 1942 and by the end of its last contract had produced 1.3 million liners compared to Westinghouse’s 23 million liners makes this one a lot rarer to come by. The interior of this liner is the transitional type with cotton suspension with the female snap fasteners. This liner is not fitted with the rayon headband with male snap fasteners but has the barbuckle headband which has the spring clips to attach it to the suspension. The interior has been left unpainted unlike the earlier versions and has the SC in yellow in the crown. It comes with the green coated steel buckle liner chin strap in very worn condition.
Thanks for looking guys cool militaria

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