Is this Uhlan badge genuine?

I don’t know much about the badge, but it appears to be of the 9th regiment Uhlans. The cross on the Wikipedia page is different from the one that I have, however, if you search "Uhlan 9th regiment" into Google images, you find this collector’s website which shows the identical cross that I have. Scroll down a little further, and there is another identical one that links you to eBay. Unfortunately, it doesn’t link you to a specific listing, but it only searches something generic into eBay. Other than that, I cannot find any other information about this cross.

With my badge, it looks good and has a real feeling to it, especially considering that it is from the 1918-1939 period. The only two things that are abnormal about the badge are shown in the two closeup pictures. Just under the red area of the U9, there is a really tiny stain of red on the white ring around it. The on the top portion of the cross, the metal and the enamel are not aligned. Not sure if these types of abnormalities are considered to be relatively normal given that it is was produced 80-100 years ago. Also, considering that I cannot find hardly any information on this particular regiment badge to me suggests that it may be genuine. If it were counterfeit, I would assume the person who made it would have made hundreds of them in order to actually make a profit. If there were hundreds of counterfeits, there would be loads of information online, correct?

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