Important! Please watch out for this man…

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier and noticed a video which seemed to be causing a stir in one of the WW2 Digger groups on Facebook ( cant remember the exact name of the group). It shows the man below, picking up a Soviet WW2 Helmet he had found, smashing it into a tree multiple times, then throwing it away, and then doing it again with another helmet. When questioned about it he didn’t feel like what he did was wrong at all by destroying historical artifacts, his reasoning being they are burnt and rusty. Now I don’t know if this is just me but I am deeply angered by what I have seen, for him and the cameraman to be giggling and destroying what used to be a mans helmet, as well as the fact they are gallivanting around fields with no understanding of the history they dig up, and it worries me a lot to think these men may have found bodies! :o(
Photos have been jumbled up for some reason but they are all screengrabs from the video showing him smashing the helmets against the tree, trying to crush the helmet in his hands, throwing away the helmet and him when he looks at the camera. When I told him I was going to post these pictures on the web he was very smug and told me to ‘Go and play with your dolls’.

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