Soviet Military Police Helmet and Accouterments


I found this on eBay listed as a Police Halloween costume of all things. The Helmet, belt, shoulder strap, and Makarov holster were included in the auction. I gave $39.00 for the whole mess.

….Note there is no extra mag pouch on the holster.

The helmet seems purpose painted as the liner was removed before it was painted inside but you can still make out the green paint under the white paint. No ink stamps visible so I don’t know if it’s a post war made helmet or not. It’s a large helmet as it fits my 7 5/8 melon just fine.

There do not seem to many in the US as I’ve only seen pics of four so far.

I found a pic where one was being used as late as 2014 when the Russian "aid" convoys were going into the Ukraine.

I found some pics here so I thought I would pass it along.

Click to enlarge the picture









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