U- Boat Binocular Restoration

U-Boat Zeiss 7×50 BLC Fixed Focus Binoculars in poor state of repair.

Can’t be having that… so a restoration has begun.

With no rubber caps top or bottom, and with fungus spores and foggy lenses, these binoculars need help.

Also, they have become very stiff with dirt or ageing lubricant.

So, a full clean up is needed with new rubber parts to be added.

These weigh in at around 1.8 kg, quite heavy.

In good clean condition, these go for any thing between £600 to £1200, depending on condition.

Fungus spores have been found, third picture, the large white spec. :o(

These must be burnt out in a oven, because they will regrow again, it’s very hard to remove once they have taken root :shok_yikes:

Pictures of the strip down of parts that need cleaning/servicing.

Also, the lenses are "Foggy" or "Cloudy" and need treatment…

Click to enlarge the picture





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