Interesting M42 helmet

A very recent acquisition, a battle-damaged M42 helmet. Both hits are entry holes, the lower one having taken away a small portion of the liner. There is also an oblong gouge to the top and a few minor dents to the sides. The liner is nice and tight - although the impact to the shell seems to have loosened the pins somewhat, but there is certainly no signs of it being tampered with. Tip of chinstrap is missing, but the helmet has that ‘been there’ look about it. The black on the liner is nothing more than dirt - possibly soot. There is no evidence of a decal, but the colour underneath the lighter application indicates this to be army. Can’t find any stamps to the shell either. Whether this was worn when hit is debatable. But if it was worn - the injuries would have been non-survivable. As always, opinions on authenticity are welcome.



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