Corean made Made M-76

Examples of these are very hard to source in this part of the world so I was quite pleased when a friend and fellow collector from Uruguay offered me one up this Corean made M-76 in a helmet trade these were first introduced and adopted by the Uruguayan military in the early 1990’s and are produced from Corlon a light ballistic fibre
I have been told they should more likely be considered semi ballistic in nature .
They weigh in at approx 900 grams and one size fits all the suspension is a copy of the last model M-1 liners that were used by the ROU from the early 1990’s and can easily be taken out for the purpose of replacement and or repair.. The camo cover is quiet unique and is sporting the army inventory service number the material used for the cover although close is not the same pattern as used in the production of the camouflage uniforms used by the ROU…. These helmets were also adopted and used by the Chilean army and the Iraqi army…

Regards Mark

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