Kz tour - spring 2016

The dates for the next KZ tour have recently been confirmed. Pleased to now be able to announce the dates for our next tour, which will depart in spring 2016. As before, if interested please let me know as soon as possible - this helps not only with organisation but assists with keeping the costs lower for all involved. More details to follow but basic outline below:

TOUR STARTING POINT AND DATE - PRAGUE (airport collection if possible) morning of Tuesday 12th April

DURATION OF TOUR - 2 full days (one night spent away in Germany)

Camps incorporated into the itinerary - KL-Sachsenhausen and the only major Konzentrationslager to be primarily established for women, f.KL-Ravensbrück. Additional site(s) to be added once full itinerary has been completed. The visit to the Sachsenhausen camp will likely include a stop at the T-Gebäude ("T-Building"), site of the Concentration Camp Inspectorate from 1938 which now holds a museum.


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