WaA 140 - Browning 1922 Pistol and Holster

Hello Folks -

Kind of excited about the holster I just picked up. I have had the ‘22 Browning for quite a few years, with a pretty decent holster. I left it on the floor one evening and the ‘puppy’ made a chew toy of it. My fault, I’m sure the leather was very attractive and tasty. :weep:

However, found this one and it just arrived. "HSY" stamped on the back, adorned with what I believe are German Navy or Officer buttons on the front and a typical GI knot on the bottom. It fits the ‘22 perfectly, but may also have held a PPk or another small caliber pistol. Have pulled two of the buttons, one unmarked the other as in the photo. Will do the third in a bit.

Lots of ink on the inside, most illegible, but there is an "S-707". Any idea of possible meaning?

Thanks for looking!
- Mike

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