Important! We need a real helmet decal reference section!

I’d like to propose an old idea for the moderators to allow us to create a "Real Decal Thread" for educational purposes in the Steel Helmets section. We already have a Fake Decal Gallery and a Fake Steel Helmets section, but these threads in my opinion are not very useful.


by Schwerpunkt
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I have been posting a ton of fake decals in the GHW fakes forum since 2006 , where they are divided by branch.
Yes they can be helpful at times but there are so many fake variants , more than there are original decals that it really pays off to study those instead.

Just a tip…

I think this is a valid argument. I personally would like to have the Real Decal thread built in a similar way as Doug’s SS Runic Decal Reference Section that is located at this link:…24/#post531490

If we could have a Decal Reference Section covering Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Tricolor, Party Shield, Police, etc… that would be cool militaria

What are everybody else’s thoughts on this?


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