New A-SS tunic

Hey guys,

I just picked this A-SS tunic up and wanted to run it by you. It has original Russian film stamps inside the lining of the sleeves. At some point in its life it had another board on the other side of the shoulder. You can see signs of the where the head seam was closed and a hole where the button was sewn. I have no idea why there would be another board on it in this location. Maybe the film company thought it looked better?? There is even wear on all of the aluminum wire. My only really concern is the rough, thickness of the black wool. There is perfect nap wear in all the right spots (i.e. cuffs and collar), however the wool is very thick in spots. I have a lot of experience in SA/Political tunics and have never encountered this style of wool before. All of the buttons are SS marked and original sewn.IMG_6912.jpgIMG_6913.jpgIMG_6914.jpgIMG_6915.jpgIMG_6916.jpgIMG_6917.jpg

I appreciate any opinions and please let me know if you need any further pictures.



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More picsIMG_6918.jpgIMG_6929.jpgIMG_6928.jpgIMG_6927.jpgIMG_6926.jpgIMG_6925.jpgIMG_6924.jpgIMG_6923.jpgIMG_6922.jpgIMG_6921.jpgIMG_6920.jpgIMG_6930.jpg

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