Mudmen series 2 finale - Poland

Not sure how many members watch Mudmen on History channel… The finale of episode 2 is filmed in Poland, and looks interesting. I watch the shows as and when I can. I’ve even phoned Steve Brooker from the show and had a chat, he’s a very informative down to earth guy, very helpfull :)
Anyway, here’s an outake from the final episode of series 2, which can be seen next Thursday at 10pm on History channel.


Mud Men Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker are on tour, travelling to Poland to discover the hidden history that lies beneath the ground of one of the country’s most fascinating and ancient cities. Their finds lead them on an adventure into Poland’s rich and heroic history from the Second World War.

Armed with metal detectors and shovels, Steve and Johnny are on a quest to unearth military finds in the woods around the city of Glogow, home to Prussian defensive forts, WW2 bunkers and Napoleonic artillery towers.

In 1945 Glogow was the Germans’ most easterly line of defence. During a brutal 45 day battle the advancing Russian Red Army finally defeated the Germans to take this key Nazi stronghold before sweeping onwards and invading Berlin.
The Mud Men unearth an array of WW2 artefacts such as mortar shells, bullets, personal items such as bottles and mugs and even an unexploded bomb. Their finds lead them to get hands on experience of the weapons the two sides used with a local re-enactment group and a ride in an armoured vehicle.

Then it’s on to Warsaw to hear about the role ordinary Poles played in the fierce resistance to the Nazi occupation and they meet three resistance heroes- former members of the Grey Ranks who were actually teenagers in the scouts and guides.
After hearing about the incredible bravery of the resistance Johnny and Steve are put through their paces by modern scouts to experience the kind of training and skills the war time resistance fighter scouts would have had. But will they have the nerve to complete their resistance training and jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet?
The Mud Men are accompanied by Polish amateur archaeologist and mudlark Adrian Kostromski who lived in Glogow until he was 12 and still returns to see family."

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