Important! navy officer Hermann Friese

here is somemore information translated from the documents that come with the medal bar:

The first document details the award of the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer (Cross of Honour / Hindenburg Cross) for serevice in WW1 to a former member of the Navy who was currently employed as an official of the Reichsbank in Munchen Gladbach. Due to the millions of these medals being awarded it took years for them all to get processed.

The second sheet covers his actual service.,taken from his paybok details in order to prove his entitlement. As you will see, he joined the Navy as a young man in 1906 as part of the Ship’s Youth detachtment. It goes on to list all the ships he served on, the Charlotte, the Medusa, the Burgermeister, the Seeadler, the Dfr Prinzregent u. Brandenburg, the Von der Tann, u. Schwaben, the Konig Wilhelm, the Viktoria Luise. These will be fairly easy to research. It then goes on to list his ranks and finally his awards, EKII, Long service cross etc.

He served throughout WW1 and was discharged in 1921

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