Wehrpass Linked to V weapons Factory Guard

Wehrpass Belonging to Eduard Falkenberg, Born 1905 in Hohensalza. First served as aircraft observer: 1940 with 19./Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 2 based in Warsaw Poland. He was active with varies Luftwaffe units in Poland until July 1944. He was then Transferred to 3./Luftwaffe-Wachbataillon which was used for securing the underground V-weapon factory Mittelbau. According to Varies sources, one being–Andre Selliers Book Dora) they were Constructing the Tunnels and latter on the camps, to hold the inmates at this point. and Eduard was most likely Guarding the Inmates at the Distribution/Supply Camp.

September 1944 Eduard Joined the SS as 3./SS-Wachbataillon-Mittelbau, Again Possibly at the Distruption Camp (?) Tenssions were High at this Point Reasons for this are Possibly given in the Book as to why these Older Guys Joined the SS Guard Units.

Oct.-Dec.44 with 3./SS-Totenkopf-Stuba Mittelbau guarding the concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora. One of the many Differing camps springing up to house the Rising population of these Sub camps. to the V weapons Factory.

Jan.45 onwards with 3./SS-Totenkopf-Wachbataillon Sachsenhausen, Eduard was now under the Administration of Sachsenhausen Camp, On Page 22 its Signed by war criminal August Kolb.

Source, A-History-of-the-Dora-Camp By Andre Sellier
A History of the Dora Camp: The Untold Story of the Nazi Slave Labor Camp That Secretly Manufactured V-2 Rockets

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