My 1943 P-38

When my father-in-law Hank returned from WWII he brought with him 4 pistols: 2 P-08’s, 1 P-38 and one small auto that said "Schmiesser Patent" on the frame. The small auto was sold to a friend last year for $50, but I believe he took advantage of 98 y/o Hank. The P-08’s were given to two of his brothers for "safe keeping", never to be seen again. But guess who got the P-38? That’s right, you’re looking at him!!! Wanted to share this with you folks.

The serial numbers all match; the magazine has the same 3-digit proof(?) stamp with Nazi crest that’s on the frame and slide and I have the holster that it was carried in. Hank was a LT with the 612th Tank Destroyer Bn, then wound up in military government in Pilsn Chechoslovakia. The pistols were taken from German officers.Attachment 161095Attachment 161096Attachment 161097Attachment 161098Attachment 161094Attachment 161093Attachment 161092Attachment 161091

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