Can anyone I.D. this Cross/medal.

Gents, just recieved this cross/medal with a lot from Hamburg, Germany, made of buntmetal, 55mm x 55mm, and guilded (most of which has worn away) it is as the photo shows a "Maltese Cross" design with four lions in each corner, and a circular relief in the centre with the words " furchtlos und true" and what seems to be a stylised "F" thereon, has a double suspension ring, but no ribbon. I show the rear, which is semi-hollow and full oF glue !….the vendor described it as a "Bavarian" medal (on account of the lions, no doubt !) I dont think it is….. the motto is the pre-1918 "Wurttemburg" motto, however the WW1 motto was spelt as in old German, with spelling of "treu" as "trew", so this piece will be post WW1 or even post WW2 !…So, I suspect it to be a "Wurttemburg" veterans medal, can anyone confirm or I.D./shed light on this medal ? it may even not not have any military connection. Thanks in advance & Prost ! Steve.

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