Question Digging up the remains of a German fighter from the Jagdstaffel 11./III./JG 5. (Crashed 9 febuary 1945).

Friday 9 Febuary 1945 a German plane was flying to Herdla airport and it got shot down and crashlanded on an island called Toska(Which just happens to be where i was born), the airplane got shot down by friendly fire from a fortress in the area and the pilot bailed out and was brought into the nearby town of Manger. The people thought he was British and tried speaking english to him, but he kept his mouth shut, they even asked the priest to talk to him, but he kept his mouth shut until the Germans came and picked him up. The next day, the Germans came and gathered the big parts of what was left of the plane.

And eyewitness i talked to said: "I was out working on the farm, when i hear cannons firing and i see tracers, even though it was in the middle of the day. The plane almost hit our farm and came down really low over the farm, until it crashed in a field. There was a big explosion and a part of the propellor landed next to a fence outside our home, i wanted to go get it, but it was during the war so i didn’t dare".

In the 1980’s they made a new road on the island and they removed the fence and probably a lot of parts. But even though my father and a lot of other people said "There is probably nothing left". I decided to look for parts after all, i got a permission from the woman that owns the field. And i started digging, the first couple days i detected in the bottom of the field and the only thing i was able to find were parts of an old barn the tore down. But one day when i was digging, a good friend of mine who saw the plane crash told me to search higher up, and boy did i hit the jackpot. I had found exactly where the plane crashed and in just 1 small hole i found 80 rounds, i also found a couple of 20mm rounds(Empty ones of course, most of the 20mm shells were destroyed, or badly damaged in the crash. I did find 2 intact explosive parts of the 20mm which i had to dump in the ocean).

And i was wondering if anybody had any information about Uffz. Herbert Schäfer of the Jagdstaffel 11./III./JG 5 . And what he had done before it got shot down(A lot of the 7,92 rounds have been fired, so i am wondering why).

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