Question about upgrading a Reproduction M1940

I have a reproduction German helmet bought way back in the early eighties. It cost me £40 which good money then. The same shop had ‘genuine’ helmets for sale for £50. Even though I knew nothing about German helmets back then. I wasn’t that stupid.

It essentially represents an M40. I got some decals for it back then and now it’s a double decal M40 with plenty of wear so on first inspection it can look genuine to the unitiated. The problem with it is the liner which looks good until you find that it’s plastic rather than steel or aluminium. Plus I fancy getting a camo cover for it.

My problem is that the helmet is not marked as a size, so I would be taking pot luck in buying a better liner. So does anyone know how the helmet size was measured. Is it external or internal or is there some other way?

Plus does anyone have any recommendations for good liners. I would assume it would be steel to match the period it represents. Plus who does good camo covers with a properly authentic pattern?

Any ideas?

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