Interesting relic?

Hello, just got this ground relic M35 today. Most original paint is gone but it has some spots left. And it has different colours, dark grey with what looks like red(ish) too.
When I removed some rust I also found a bit of white underneith, but it´s not much I must admit :rolleyes: I don´t want to hack on it any more.
Could the red be colour changes through time or some kind of camoflague?
It also has a hole by the airvent, the rest of the helmet i solid though. Perhaps battle damage as the helmet is a bit flattened on this side too.
I like ground relics, must admit that a better helmet would be great to own (I´ve seen a lot of your beautiful helmets) but they´re also a lot more expensive. Got this one for less than $50.

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