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Question M40 ET64 single decal battle damaged relic

Hey guys - what are your thoughts on this one? Decal ok (looks ok to me)?


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Need help! German police uniform

Hi Gents,

whats your opinions on this blouse, can you tell me the rank on shoulder boards and placement of one who wore it?


Thank you!cool militaria

Regards Thomas

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Question Possible to restore helmet marked ET64 3657? What to do with it?


I have this helmet that my father got after the war. He is not sure where he got it from, but at that time it was common that the Norwegian army used some of the old German equipment. He may have bought it from the Norwegian Army after they stopped using it.

He can’t remember if it was painted green before he got it or if it is he who did it. He knows however that it was he who painted the black/white/red marks on both sides of the helmet.

The helmet is marked ET64 and 3657 so I assume it is real in itself. Is it possible somehow to restore it to a more authentic look? Or - what should I do with it? I do not feel it has much value as it is today with the obvious fake painting…

What would you have done with it?


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Black Service Tunic for Foot Regiment 87 (Innsbruck)

This nice piece has apparently traded hands recently and is now on its way to or now resides within a collection in South America. We congratulate the new owner and acknowledge his fine taste. It is always nice to see rare and genuine items.
The photos come from the other forum and are posted by member "mat".






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Late War Pattern 1937 Webbing Set in Pictures

I generally don’t collect past 1943, but I have put this set together over the years comprised of late production P37 webbing. By the end of the war, many items had been altered for economy and ease of production and brass had started to be replaced intermittently by sheradised steel fittings.


A view of the inside of the set.


The pouches, basic, W.E. Patt. ’37, Mark III were made by Associated Cutters (1938), Limited in 1942 and 1943 respectively. The Mk III pouch was a half inch taller than the Mk II to accommodate larger Sten gun magazines.


The braces, left, with loop and right, W.E. Patt. ‘37 were made by Mills Equipment Company, Limited in 1942 and 1943 respectively.


The belt, waist, W.E. Patt. 37, extra large, 56-in was made by Bagcraft, Limited in 1945. The belt is also stamped with Stores Code A.A. 5014 from the Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores (V.A.O.S.), a practice that was not common until about 1943 onward.


In addition to sheradised steel back buckles, this belt features webbing keepers to save brass, a modification that first appeared in 1943.


The frog, bayonet, W.E. Patt. ’37 shown here is the late war style with the addition of a button hole in the upper loop to accommodate the smaller stud of the spike bayonet.


The frog was made by S. Noton, Limited in 1945 and also features the Stores Code A.A. 0996.


The carrier, water-bottle, bucket type, W.E. Patt. ‘37 was first produced in 1940, but did not see extensive use until later in the war.


This carrier was made by Mills Equipment Company, Limited in 1944.


The Carrier, implement, entrenching, Patt. ’37.


This Carrier was made by Associated Cutters (1938), Limited in 1943 and features the Stores Code A.A. 5081.


The carrier, grenade, special did not appear until 1945 was designed to carry a pain of No. 36 Grenades.


This example was made by Mills Equipment Company, Limited in 1945.


The haversack for the Respirator, Anti-Gas (Light) Mk II had sheradised steel hooks that allowed it to be attached to the belt.


This haversack was made by R.I. LTD. in October 1943.


Inside can be found a shoulder strap, so the haversack can be worn separate from the webbing set.


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Eisernes Kreuz 2nd Klasse - unmarked - dug?

Hello everyone!
The iron core is pitted and dates are almost illegible. Unmarked 3 piece construction with magnetic core that moves when shaken. But what do you think..ground find that someone cleaned?
Any possible was to determine it’s manufacturer?

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Medal of Bravery #446572, Is it good?

Hi I recently bought this from a estate of a collector. I have a weird feeling about it so I thought I would get other peoples opinions. The ribbon and hanger has been replaced that I know. I put a caliper on it the overall width is correct, there are no cast marks on it anywhere and it is silver, it just seem different I can take any other pictures that are required. Anyways, any help would be good, and thanks in advance.975439975440975441

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Originaler Stahlhelm, Wehrmacht, 2.WK, Hersteller Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerk

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Need help! Heer buckle unmarked great condition

Hey folks,

Can you please give some opinions on this buckle?


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Question Inf. Sturmabzeichen S.H.u.C.O

What are your opinions in this one?

Have a great day,


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