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Queensland Civil Defence badges

Excuse my terrible handwriting, but here is my collection of WW2 Queensland Civil Defence badges. I’ve still got a few more to add to make a set.

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My latest eickhorn solingen säbel, but….

….did they ever come with a nickel scabbard?
I have never seen one before….

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Heeres Gasmaske in Büchse Fa. Auer beschriftet ” 2./AA 125 “

EUR 39,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 31. Okt. 19:32
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Need help! Wz.36 Polish Tanker’s Black Leather Jacket / Coat (matches exactly the original design specifications), 100% original Prewar, please ?

Is this Wz.36 Polish Tanker’s Jacket / Coat, 100% original Prewar, please ?

The photographs are below.

It has very well preserved Red ink stamps inside the inner pocket, very similar to the ones inside another sold on Allegro a few years back, maybe a Warsaw (Varsovienne) maker.

It has the same (I think) lining as the one, Tony put photos of on the Forum, without the brown extra added lining, which was maybe sheepskin for the cold weather.…rigade-131423/

It has some wear on one point of the hopefully Suede covered collar, missing Suede covered shoulder-boards (maybe the original owner kept his rank insignia, before needing to leave his coat behind) and maybe has no dagger hanger (maybe thread became loose and was lost, or got damaged and broke off) , hopefully signs of its originality.

Thank you very much, in advance.

I look forward to reading your knowledgeable replies, as soon as possible.



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Orig. südafrikanisch MK II Stahlhelm mit orig. Tarnnetz 2. Weltkrieg

EUR 100,00 (12 Bids)
End Date: 31. Okt. 19:04
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Need help! Polish Shoulder Boards

I have 0 experience with these. Can anyone shed some light on these for me?

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for sale Distributer J. G. Merz Marked Heer Dagger With Knot by Holler


by: LostDutchman

Description: I just picked this piece up out of the woodwork this week. Completely untouched. Neat distributer naming on the blade just above the maker mark.

War Relics Militaria sales

Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber, B.H. Mayer,Schickle Tombak

Another addition to my IAB collection. :)
This example is made of tombak and is the second example like this that I have acquired. The other example has a round wire catch while this one has a flat catch. I don’t want to refer to it as "flat wire" because it is not made of wire but rather a flat plate soldered to the reverse. This one also has quite a bit of wear to the finish but still some silver finish remaining. The golden tombak color can be seen where the finish is worn, mostly on the high points.


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Nieten Stahlhelm Splinte Helmsplinte gestempelt Helmnieten Steel Rivets WK2 WH 2

EUR 10,90
End Date: 03. Nov. 16:16
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Stahlhelm Kettenhund Fahnenträger Reichsadler Adler Kette Säbel Uniform WW

EUR 540,00
End Date: 29. Nov. 12:18
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