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Stalingrad dug Helmet

Hello All:
This helmet was dug in the vicinity of Gumrak Airport
by a friend of mine a few years ago. I’m no expert on
helmets but I believe it is a M35 double decal. It has no
liner and the shell is marked ET 64. It’s remarkable to
me how much paint is left on it after 60 Plus years in the
ground. Comments welcome.

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crushers cap or…..??????

hello guys.i,m looking for your opinion:o!can,t see eny markings.UV negativ.visier is from dark brown lether(maybe painted black and lost color????).inside lether liner is little bit dryed out-has some smole craks.front part has some metal spring inside.some traces from moth,s dinner.owerall nice condition.if need i can make some mesurements. i made few pics using flashlight and without.eny opinions welcome....

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Kriegsmarine dog tag.

This ID disc was given to me as a gift.

It is in bad condition, but its says:

18847 (or 2) /45K

Can anybody tell me anything about this inscription?

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p-51 mustang wreck and restoration in sweden

thought you guys might find this interesting, its about a guy in sweden who has recovered a crashed p-51 and is currently restoing it, its an amazing photo diary of the restoration so far

enjoy!!cool militaria

P51 D, Mustang, S26 , 26084 pictures from rides photos on webshots

regards Mad_ideas

Minelab Musketeer - Metal Detector

I am looking for my first Metal Detector & have read lots of very good reviews on the model.
I will be using it on disused airbases & trench / foxhole areas.

Any views on this model? Experiences?

Dan cool militaria

Bridge too far, eagles landed helmet

I recently bought this from a seller who bought it from the recent large sale in the uk of movie items ,she was told it was from either the eagle has landed or a bridge too far , it wasnt expensive and thought it was quite interesting:) cheers Dave

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My modest collection

Here is my small collection of WWII german militaria my war room, hope You enjoy :)

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ww2 soldat photo in frame

Just got this a pic os a German soldier artillery badge medal ribbon iron cross and east front.All the info on back this was all done by the soldiers nephew.The Medal bar though is an American good conduct bar and im tempted to open the pic up at the back and replace with the ones that should be there. Although im torn between doing this as it is how it was done by his nephew and has never been openend only has cracks down edge and i could cause problems.Would love to know more about this guy though the pic was found in a locked wardrobe at a house clearance.

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unidentified item -please help

This bag wich I bougth at the flea market (cost me almost nothing) bears a strange inscription inside and a date - " 1 sept. 1939 ". What could it mean in your opinion and is it posible to be german item - red cross or something?

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SA State Leadership School in Munich - Graduate Tyr Rune Insignia - RARE

Hello All,

I've seen only three examples of this insignia.

Two were on a black wool background. The third was not on any background.

Which of these is correct/genuine/authentic?

How rare are these insignia really?

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