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4 vent ,m 40 ear cut our picture

here is the picture of the very rare m40 ear cut out german helmet.i would asume this is the raest of all the m35/40s and therefore priceless///sorry again having trouble uploading it ,will try again

Auction: genuine lufskutz helmet with origianla liner and chinstrap,may have been refinished o

if interested contact me and i will claryfy the price ,thankyou.

Auction: quist m40 sd army helmet,minus liner ,decal guaranteed genuine,minor

contact me if interested in any of the 3 helmets ,and i will claryfy the price,thankyou


This is a genuine used solid sd luft m40. The decal is guranteed original.It is named on back rim to waldau.It has slight battledamege.

ww1 or ww2 ? knife/bayonet

Hi, Can you please tell me what sort of knife or bayonet this ?
and what is it worth ?

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Heldentod NSDAP Document

Ive seen some Nice Docs being shown on the Forum Lately and while I have the Day of-Yes Boss,Flue) Will post a few of mine.

Hand Signed By Dr. Gustav Adolf Scheel, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer at the Reichsfuhrer. This is one of my Favorite Decorative Documents. Note Bottom two Signatures are Printed/Stamped.

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Bren Mk1 & Lee Enfield No4

Hello all,

Just thought I'd post pictures of my new deacts. I bought these yesterday at the Liverpool Arms Fair.

I paid £280 for this. It was deactivated in 2004. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is, perhaps one of the gun experts can help me out with that.

I paid £200 for this. It has only just been deactivated (Nov 09) Again I'm not to sure of the maker, some of the markings are very faint. One of my mates thinks it may have been a sniper or sharpshooter rifle due to the sight and the swivel sling.

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For sale: close combat clasp in bronze ground dug

I´m offering this one grounddug close combat clasp. Needle needs set in motion-see pictures.

price 100 euro including shipping within Europe
accept Paypal (please add 4%fees)
accept cash

thanks for showing!regards Pepe

allgemeine SS tab 63

can anyone tell me where this unit was located or stationed?...thanks,,Robert

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opinions on this Totenkopf

would like to hear the sage's opinions on this skull...thanks,,,Robert

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