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American WW2 patches real or Duff ?

Ok .. I'm not up on the production/variants of US WW2 badges, although from this group I am 100% happy with the 9th Airforce badge as a "British Made" item.

The question is now .... are the rest of WW2 vintage ?
(I picked up this group from a car boot sale this morning !)

Gary J.

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Question EK 2 Klasse

Hello everybody, I'm a starting collector and I just bought an EK 2 Klasse. Can you guys check out if it's an original one?
I've already checked if the core is magnetic, and it is.
Can you also look at the ribbon please?

If you need more pics just let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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Minty Prussian Pickelhaube M95 Inf. Regt. 137

This Prussian EM Pickelhaube has regimental markings... I gues the wearer was transferred some day from Reserve Inf. Regt. 60 to Inf. Regt. 137...
On the rim of the front visor seems to be written something in black ink, but it's not completely ledgable...
Also interesting on this specimen are the marks of the stitching machine...


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2 mae wests, n-6 gun camera and 75mm apt shell, yard sale

this weekends yard sale finds, an n-6 gun camera with film, b-4 and b-5 mae wests with co2 cartridges etc... and an m 52 75mm ap-t shell. also some parachute hardware. all in all a lucky group. any idea on values?

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Need help! german helmet (real or repro)

i picked this up today for about 40 bucks, i though it was cool and had to have, but now looking at it i dont know if its real or fake and if i got a good deal... can someone tell me what kind of helmet this is and if its real, the number on the pics are stamped on the inside of the helmet, one set is on the back and one set is stamped on the side. thanks, justin.

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My Liberation medals.

Liberation of Prage.

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Need help! 10th Infantry Reserve??



I recently picked up a Infantry Reserve Waffenrock. According to shoulder boards it is from the 10th I.R. Does this unit sound familiar to you? I am not sure how reserve units are used in Wermacht. Would this reserve unit be attached to the 10th I.D.? I was told this unit was destroyed in Stalingrad. Any help would be appreciated.



looking for info on German truck Borgward

hello i am looking for info on german truck Borgward B1000,
does anybody can confirm me that this model was made during the war?
are they any survivals from the model?
thanks in advance

Some interesting places in ex USSR using google map

St. Petersburg - ‘Now and then 2.’

Hi Guys,

I've been browsing that '' site that Dimas recently posted for the last couple of days and found it fascinating!!

You may remember a thread about 'Leningrad - Then and now'. posted a few months ago which had some superb images. Well this is the follow up on the '' website, well worth a look!!!cool militaria

English Russia St. Petersburg: Now and Then 2

Regards, Ned.

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