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Just like I said; does anybody know what thise is and where to get it.

Just like I said; does anybody know what thise is and where to get it.
I don't know where I got it from, must be the wife or the kids who baught some kind of jewelry or gadget.
It is black velvet on a foam kind of thing.
But I like the idea to use it as a display in combination with something ...I didn't quiet figured out yet, but I wil come to it.
The good thing,on thise "thing", is that I just gave it a cut in middle so the needle gets into it and retains the badge.
Hoping to find some quick!!
I will have a look at the Diamond center, thise after noon, here in Antwerp....(!!!without the insigna on it...;)!!!!)

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Soviet 1941 Nagant & Tokarev pistols

Hi, here are pics of my WW2 Soviet handguns for viewing. Both are 1941 dated, and veteran bring backs. I do not have the US military "capture" papers for either unfortunately.

Very hard to find original, untouched, non-arsenal rebuilt Soviet WW2 pistols these days. Believe it or not, the Tokarev is in very good condition. Most all the original Tokarevs you see come up for sale have much less bluing than this pistol. From the original Tokarevs I have handled, they all have a very thin blue job to begin with from the factory. There are exceptions though, but are rare to find.

Also a pic sent to me of a relic Nagant recently found from a digger/seller in Russia. It was found somewhere near Moscow area, probably from the Defense of Moscow fighting?

I wish I could purchase this Nagant pistol, or one like it, but cannot bring it into the country. Maybe if it was torch cut into 3 pieces. :shok_yikes:

Regards, Steve

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Me109E Wartungklappe Hatch Luftwaffe Fly Tag Info Needed

Hello, I purchased these 2 items recently. One is supposedly a Wartungklappe Hatch from a ME-109E fighter plane. The seller indicated it was the maintenance hatch right next to the cannon port on the leading edge of wing. Is this correct??

Why did they use only 2 aluminum rivits on the latch? Maybe the 2 rivits, and 2,000 other steel rivits was too much weight, a weight saving measure maybe?

Also an orange Luftwaffe "Fly Tag" used for a pass to fly out of "Stalingrad" pocket or areas in Operation Barbarossa 41-43? He stated there were 5 different colors meaning different things about the soldier to be flying.

Are these facts true, and is this a real tag?

I have seen many tags in pictures, but this one appears to made of a type of galvanized steel you can see part of.

Do they fake these tags? Considering the hundreds of other Luftwaffe airplane parts and relics the seller has for sale, I do not think he would sell me a fake fly tag. :D I hope!!! :o(

Regards, Steve

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Photo ID Kennkarte for Catholic Priest

From my collection.

Kennkarte [ Civilian ID ] for a Ctholic Priest.

An uncommon item.
Bob Frey

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3 Erkennungsmarken Pioneer, Kradsch, Nebel

Here are 3 more tags for this section, for reference and viewing. I am not yet sure of authenticity of any, but they look like good ones to me. Comments? cool militaria notcool ???

From the good reference posts made in this section, they look to be correct, but they make good fakes today. Not the best pics but maybe OK to see. The motorcycle tag is broken and taped together.

Regards, Steve

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MG08/15 Dug up and ‘preserved’. New wood.

Hope this is in the right section! Although 08/15 (Reichswehr) saw some WWII service, this is a pure WWI example. Purchased from a belgian arms collector 2 years ago.

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Zinc Kriegsmarine ID Disc

This is a zinc disc. Does anyone have a way to identify the unit or ship?

Bob Hritz

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Early Kriegsmarine Disc

I do not have the references to ID the ship or unit for this early gilt aluminum disc.

Bob Hritz

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Aserbaidijan Volunteer Disc

A new one for me.

Bob Hritz

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Luftwaffe Disc

Does anyone know the unit?

Bob Hritz

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