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A salty ushanka


I just received this ushanka. I bought it in Germany from a guy that states it was a german vet bringback. The size is quite small, about a 53. No sign of a stamp. The star was one I had in my collection, as it came without one.

I would appreciate your comments.



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Swap Adverts?


Within the classifieds would it be possible to create a swap category, that is to say a place where collectors can trade their surplus rather than sell it?

Also would it be possible to have an 'Other' wanted category?



Not too good this week


Didn't get out this weekend until today and then a bit late. Still got a few bits.

I like the Germany Awake cigarette card book as this is my first!:), the fold out picture at the back shows the scale of the rallies. I like the flier in the book advertising all the other Hitler books available, he must have made a killing from the spin off of his popularity, you think he would have been happy with that.

I also like the Goring book, the binder is quite nice and in keeping with his extravagant character.

The Mein Kampf is just the standard one 14th edition.

The 12 year army was a surprise with the KVK and the DDR CCCP medals.

The map of Germany is post war with the various occupied areas marked. There is one of UK too.

If anyone requires better pics I will try my best.



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Estonian 1st class Order of the Eagle Cross

Does anyone know where I might be able to find this medal
pre 1940?
are there any recommended Estonian dealers?

Question markings on ss blade


i have been offerd an ss dagger whitch seem to be oke
but the dealler told me the blade is post war
pics of the blade are comming asap

can someone pleas help me with the code RZM M7/80 197/39SS

thanks in advance

Luftwaffe Gravy boat

Hi! I have this piece, it was bought here in spain in an antique shop of Madrid, I was wondering if is original or not, I payed the equivalent of 50$, the man of the shop has two for selling: I choose this one because of it's integrity, the other one was year marked(1940) but has a crack, both were same maker & value. Any opinion welcome! cheers!

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For sale: Red Fleet man handbook 1943

No damages.
82 pages.

Two EKI opinion please

Hi Gents,
I´d like to know your opinions on these crosses.Screwback seems good to me but I have some doubts about second one. thanks for your answers! regards Pepe:)

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Naval wound badge , good or bad

Hi guys , iv had this for a few years would like to know if its good or bad , i think its bad , but know nothing about these ,cheers Raymond

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Confirmation SS 8 Year Long Service

Hi guys iv had this for a few years , im pretty sure its repro , just want to make sure before i move it on , cheers Raymond

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