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Need help! promotion document for 1./ss-Leibstandarte?

I have what looks to be a promotion document in field for a Rudolf MeiB. here is what is says

1./ ss-Leibstandarte
Adolf Hitler Jm Felde , den 29.8.1941

An Dem
SS-Strm. Rudolf MeiB, geb. 06.07.23,
1 (Art.Abt.) / SS - L.A.H. 1

Ich befordere Sie zum SS -Rottenfuhrer d. Res.

Tag der Beforderung ist der 1. September 1941

1 . / Art. Stand
SS - Leibstandarte
Adolf Hitler

(unreadable signiture in purple ink?)
SS - Staf u.stellv. Rgt.-Fhr.

There is a stamp that is very faint that looks like is says SS - verfungstruppe on the top and along the bottom of the stamp it says 1./Artillerie (unreadable)

i will try to scan it tonight but does the format and info hold up to scrutiney?

Birmingham International Arms Fair (UK)

Anyone going? Being held at the National Motorcycle Musuem just off the M42 on Sunday June 14th 2009.

I will be going.

Cheers, Ade.

Souvenir photo set.

Guy's thought you'd like to have a look; have about 30 pics from this series. Regards, Hal

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Barn find today.

Here are a few things I found at a barn sale. Thanks for looking, Hal

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For sale: WW2 Red Army Air Forces commander early leather coat

The coat still has places of three screwback collar signs on each collar.
It could be Red Army Air Forces senior leutenant or colonel-leutenant.

Russian Books printed Berlin1945&Liepzig47


Thought the Russian fraternity might like these. I got them today wth some German books. The red book is 1947 but the other is 1945 so they did not waste time converting the Germans. I'm sure the same presses were only months before churning out Goebles's propaganda. Same job new management!!:b:



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thought you guys would like to see armband

heres a red party armband i have found forsale!

its comanding £65 and has rzm paper tag!

it is legit aint it guys?

any comments welcome :D


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my new states service flag any comments?

all comments welcome for this flag??

all original flag i thought so?

looked good to me?

so i bought it hope i was right:o

thanks ewan


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Medal for NKVD member ?

I have this in one in my collection ,founded on old attick. Is this medal for NKVD members for shooting ?

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Boxed wb silver

My new item today a boxed wb silver hersteller 65
The box is in a excelent condition no damage or repairs
Hope you enjoy it

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