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What the heck is this pin for?

Any ideas what this pin represents? It is TWICE stamped on the back "DRAGO PARIS" It is approx. 4.7 cm long. I have other pins marked the same, so I guess that Drago must do a big business with 3rd world countries.

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My First “Dug” Helmet

Here are some photos of my first "dug" German helmet. I got it in the early 90’s from a friend of mine. Shortly after the fall of the "Iron Curtain" he went to Eastern Europe & Russia. He came back with tons of stuff (wish I had bought more).
This helmet was found in the Stalingrad area and appears to still have traces of the white camo paint. The liner is in great shape for a dug helmet. Apparently the helmet was sitting upright when covered and the inside did not fill up with dirt.

Best Regards,

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Help wanted on WH/LW Rucksack

I bought this rucksack on eBay the other week, and today it arrived. As the text in the ad didn't tell much about it, just that is was an old army rucksack with a small photo I took a chance to bid on it, as the buckles seemed German to me. I never saw a German WH or LW rucksack with this type of buckles (the ones with the teeth), but everthing is D&C marked, even the larger D-rings to hook onto the Y-straps. It came with to leather straps, one being a cut up K98k sling, and the other being something French.
Overall it looks German to me, the zinc buttons on in inside, the material and the colour, but I simply never seen this model before.
Maybe its late war? Or maybe its not German at all?
It's got some numbers here and there, but no WaA or RBN's, which would be a good give-away, so if anybody can make a indentification on this item I would love to hear!
I paid 24 euro's incl PP for it, what seems a fair price to me.

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M40 SD Camo Named Has Arrived

Hi All:

This is the helmet many of you gave your advice on another thread. I was suprised to see the decal. I bought it off an older lady who stated her husband had always had it in their closet...She knew very few details.

It arrived yesterday. The interior is great. The name is also written in the liner.

How does the Camo look? Any comments are appreciated.


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M35 helmet nice paint job

i'll let the pictures speak for them selves :D

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N.S.B.O buckkle?

Never seen this before, also looks very poorly made...
but still wanted to know some more about it.

Anyone some info on this one?

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WH general sidecap, opinions please

Hello, this general sidecap has been offered to me. It is in a perfect condition. Please let me know your opinion please.:)

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What are these badges ?

Please tell me what these badges are, and what they were used for. They have pins on the back and are approx. 6.7 cm wide. I am confused by the tank and the (apparant) torpedo. Are they at all valuable?

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Have car, will travel, new sites required !

Hi, I would like to meet or share information with like minded metal detectorists interested in Relic finds, I have a car and am willing to travel, pick people up and share costs etc, I am close to Benfleet in Essex.
Would like to look in U.K (or abroad) areas where permission has been granted or where none is required, Old Camps, Training areas, Pow Camps, Airfields etc.
I have my own equiptment and tools, so if you know of an area and would like to accompany me to share finds that wouldnt be a problem.
I have tried metal detecting clubs, but all they seem to want to do is get you to pay £5.00 to walk round a farmers field looking for old coins, and that is of zero interest to me.
Please respond by Private Message
Many thanks, Andy.

German Field Books Value?

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking at selling a few of my pieces and trying to figure out their value.

Any help would be great!


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