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Need help! Are They Real Or Fake ?

Hi, I have these medals on my collection. Can anybody help me to check these out ?
1. Eisernes Kreuz (2 class)
2. Ostmedaille
3. What medals is this ???:mad:
4. Krim Shield
each with it's front and back images.
A friend of mine give me these medals as gifts.
Thanks for all your comments and sorry for my english !:(

All The Best,

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Need help! wehrmacht tunic?

Howdy guys,

Please tell me what you think; should I take it or leave it?

Thank you all!

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Ring Finnische SS plase help

hello friends,
a juwelier offer me this ring,he tould me that he get it from an old whoman together with many other juwels (rings,arm titles,chaineds ..something else) i have find out that these rings a wearn by members of the 11.SS Freiwilligen regiment "Nordland" is this true ? i have seen any rings as copy bevore can that be a original ? and what can i pay for? many thank´s advance

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Help with Tags Please!!!

Hi, this is my first day on the form. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me ID these, they have come from various military shows and dealers from the mid-west and Germany,

I know that the "SS-Pz. Gren. Ers. Btl. 3 and gr. Kw. Kol. 3/542" came from the ground in russia.

I am 16 years old and need help reading and IDing these. Any and all help would be loved!!!!

The one above is hard to read, its says "AUSB.-SCHW. AUFKL. ERS. & AUSB. ABT. 6. 95"

This one reads "st. kp.f. u. A,Btl. 490. 2058"

Black/Blue Long Cut, Collared Telogreika

Seeing one of these in the latest Espenlaub update, I would like to discuss them... That is these long cut, collared telogreika. Often I see these for sale as the desireable collared "early" military issue telogreika. However, I contend that they are something else. Pictured below are mine. I have three total. One that is gray (faded black actually) with German buttons, a black one with typical Soviet shank buttons, but lacking any state emblem, and finally a blue one with replaced aluminum buttons.

All of these have one thing in common, they all came from Germany where they are not uncommon. The gray one with the German buttons is well travelled. I got it initially when I was sales manager for Ostfront Militaria and it came from our German contact who aquired it in that country. I sold it to our very own moderator RichieC at the 2004 Max Show in Charlotte, NC. He sold it to a friend some time after that. Then I bought it a second time from that friend last year along with a decent Ushanka and a nice EM leather belt.

The blue and black examples were both acquired on eBay Germany where these things appear with some regularity. Why? Because they were worn home by German POW in the 1950s.

These things are simply utilitarian worker cloths issued to German POWs and also used by Soviet civilians working outdoors or in unheated facilities.

While they may be identical in cut to a true military issue, "early" collared telogreika. I do not believe they are really the same thing specifically.

In all my collecting years, I have seen but one collared telogreika for sale in a more military issue khaki/green color. I could jump off the roof for not buying it. That is the one that combat collectors should be looking for and it should be considered quite rare. These blue and black ones are not rare.



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oude bom identificeren

anyone knows what bomb this is?
Have it more then 20 years, think its a ww2 bomb not sure.

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Old artillery shell id needed?

anyone knows what bomb this is?
Have it more then 20 years, think its a ww2 bomb not sure.

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Quite deadly at close range.

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my first helmet

Hi guys this is my very first helmet i got for my collection.
Its an EF m40 single decal luft.Just thought i would share it with u.Dave

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Coastal Artillery side cap

This is a mdl.40 coastal artillery side cap that was originally a size 54 that was made in 1940. Sometime after that it was made larger to a size 57. Note the added material.

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