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Patronentaschen 98K

Very interesting link for K-98 pouch :

K98 Pouch - SMC - WWII German


Was doing some research on FAL's and thought I would share my unfired(except for factory test)Argentine 7.62x51mm guns.Both are low serial # honeys with original boxes and accessories.Pre'94 imports.

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M42 SD camo helmet

Hey gang...Here's another one of my favorites. Has about 50 percent of the sand cammo left on it. I wish I knew the history behind it - but I don't. I love the fact though that this camo was probably done by the soldier himself. Just mixed up some sand with some paint and voila....
I'm not big on camo helmets 'cause there are some really good "reproduction" camo helmets - but I knew this was a good one so I went for it.
This is a true combat vet lid - that's why I like it so much.
I'm still waiting for it to start talking! Ahhhh, the tales it could probably tell! ;)


PS.....If anyone has any idea where this type of camo could have been used - I'd love to hear about it. Normandy? Russia? Italy?

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Luftwaffe NCO Pioneer


I am new at this forum. I collect mostly Heer uniforms, especially of the pioneer branch. I had been looking for a nice pioneer flierbluse without success. I was able to get this NCO flierbluse last year. I admit that it is very difficult to evaluate an NCO upgrade. As you all know they detached the collar patches to place the collar thress, so the collar patches are "replaced". The age of the insignia and thress match. The eagle is original to the tunic and it is factory applied. I can not see any evidence of previous eagle. The thress on the collar and sb match. The shpilder boards were sewmn in and match the color of the tunic perfectly. The only thing that I can tell you guys is that I like it. I am still looking for an EM pioneer and medical flierbluse.



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My Ssch39 helmets

Here are a couple of my helmets.

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info about Turkistan wanted

I have the chance to buy this patch, but know nothing about it. What is it? Could I get an opinion whether or not it is rare?

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Question H.C.G. Helmet

Been browsing The Collector's Guild and came across this MKII Canadian helmet with H.C.G. on the front of it. According to the description they do not know what it means and I was wondering if anyone here knew.

There site will not let me copy pictures so I'll post a link:

The Collector's Guild

Thanks in advance,


SS Einsatzgruppe “A” Officers Ring

Hello All . I 've had this ring for about 13 years and have never seen another like it . I was looking for opinions on origin and possible value .
It is .900 silver , SS halmark , and is enscribed on the sides "Einsatzgruppe A" , "Lettland 1942" .

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Kuril islands Shumushu, Paramushir and other islands

Here is a photo report. Some of destroyed american Kingkobras, Japanese tanks etc

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Shovel markings opinions

Hi all

I purchased this shovel a number of years ago on a flea market not far from where I lived. However some people to whom I spoken to have doubts with the markings on the leather...


Nick VR

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