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Question Need an expert opion


I purchased this dagger about 10yrs ago when I was in Prague. I would like to know what you think about the quality, originality and value of my SS Dagger.



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Russian Adrian Helmet

Hi fellow collectors
here you can see some
pictures of my Russian Adrian helmet.
I hope you like it !



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Hot Detective

A little history about this girl.....Polizie Direktion Munchen,Munich Police.450 PPK's were marked PDM making it Rare.My example is not perfect by any means,but to hold it like a time warp.Himmler himself controled the Munich Police from 1933.This babe is unlike any other PPK and is virtually impossible to fake.
Unique features:
-PDM and property # on left frame
-Duraluminum frame(you would not believe the weight reduction,...WOW.)
-bottom mag release
-flared barrel bushing,with special large mouth slide
She is 32 acp.Standard issue was a flat bootom mag,I have a finger extension which is not correct,but look's F'n cool.

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Question SS Skull, real or fake?

I think I posted this in the wrong area before, so I'm trying again.
Can anyone tell by looking, is this real or fake?
I got this around 20 years ago, when an uncle passed away, I would have been about 14-15. He was a "Harley Dude", and had lots of stuff like this, the family let us kids grab some odds and ends -like this skull -out of a shoe box.
I suspect it's fake, but it could be real, I remember he had a lot of valuable war memorbilia (German Lugers, medals, etc.).
I just recently learned that it's a German "Death's Head" that the SS wore, how cool! I just thought it looked cool, it has spent the last 20 years on my guitar strap. I just bought a (fake) eagle to go with it on the strap!
Anyway, there are no markings on the back, just kind of a dirty rough surface. Someone has (crudely) soldered a safety pin to the back.

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kennkarte-Germany 1939


This kennkarte from Germany is a special one, let me explain. It was introduced after August of 1938 and the holder was deported and died at the Litzmannstadt Ghetto on January 1942.


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Need help! Please Help Identify This Helmet

I have a steel helmet that is similar to a WWII Japanese Helmet that I cannot identify. It is about the same in depth, has two "horns" (protruding vent holes), exposed rivets and the rim is even around the bottom but has a little deeper area that is flared. Any help in identifying this would be appreciated.

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Hello, is this one original? :confused:

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my collection of Hitler stamp ( OSTLAND ) , and 3 luftchutz , 2 reichsparteitag 1935, 2 10 april 1938 and 1 wehrkampftage der sa 1942

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D.U. 50th anniversary brass shotshell

Heres a Ducks Unlimited brass 12 gauge shotshell

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