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A selection of 98k Muzzel covers

Enjoy this selection of 98k muzzel covers/sight protectors...BILL

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Question signal patrone

I have this old german brass "signalparone" from WWI , I think.
Maker is D.W.u.M. K (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionfabrik Karlsruhe).
But there are two unknown signes left and right. Do you know what they are?
And, are there any possibilites that it ussed in WWII?

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Medical Academy Graduate Badges

Highest Level Badge from the Kirov Medical military Academy. Made in Silver & Brass. 3-piece construction. Width 26mm, Height 47mm.

:) Doc

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Gebirgsjäger Display

Grüß Gott Bergkameraden,

Here is a walk around of the Gebirgsjäger Display that I set up at the Dragon Models Expo in August:

Mit einem kameradschaftlichen Horrido!

Need help! Undershirt with odd markings

Hi Guys, I was given this undershirt last weekend by a friend who collects German medical items. It came in a large box of DRK items from the former DDR. Material is white cotton and it once had cloth covered buttons.

It would appear to be Soviet, but I have never seen a shirt with these large ink stamps to the front before? Any ideas? Hospital or prison issue etc???

There are no other ink stamps for size etc to the inside, like often found on issue underwear.

Cheers, Ade.

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homemade guns?

hello i would like to see some pics of homemade weapons grenades knifes and other weapons manufactured in ww1 or ww2
freetings thierry:o(

Fun item: site to make photos look old

Hi Guys, some of you might like to use this site to make your unit photos look period. The site is Japanese but there is an English option:

Photo ageing website

It is very easy to use and works great!

Cheers, Ade.

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Dienstglas 6 X 30

Hey guys,

I recently picked up a pair of German Binos, I believe they're manufactured by D. Swarovski Glasfabrik und Tyrolit-Schleifmittelwerke of Wattens/Tirol.

Just wondering if the H/6400 is the grid-scale designation?

Any thoughts or comments on them would be great.


My Father Southern France 1945

My father William T. Grist on the right in Southern France January 1945 with his 1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun... Unit 901st. Ordnance HAM... And he still alive an well at 88 yrs......BILL

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Order of the Red Star T2V7

Order of the Red Star, Type 2/ Variation 7. Monetny Dvor Mint Mark, flared edges and no screw post base, s/n: 3354765. It is most likely a 15 year Long Service awarded in 1955. I will definately get this one researched and see what other awards went to this person.

:) Doc

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