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Wehrmacht Winterwendehose Gr. XL Tarnhose Splittertarn Schneetarn

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Seniority in ss.

Good afternoon, colleagues!tell that to the original cross? Thank you.11531101153111115311211531131153114

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Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber, B.H. Mayer

Thought I had posted this before but I had not. Posted now for reference.
Here is a hollow zinc example from this maker with a wrap around, sheet metal hinge and flat plate catch.


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New ss cuff

Hi all
just wanna share it with you
thank you115303111530321153040

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help identification of polish badges

Can you please help me to identify this polish badge is it fake ?
Apparently one was made by PICCHIANI & BARLACCHI FIRENZE and second by G sosnowski i Warsaw


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Question Infanteriesturmabzeichen in silber Prototype?

Hello gents, another prototype from Weitze online store, this time silver ISA. What are your opinions on this matter?
Best regards,

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Allgemeines sturmabzeichen in bronze prototype?!

Hello gents, what are your thoughts about this allegedly prototype of ASA in bronze?
Best regards,

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0058 Paar Kragenspiegel eines Leutnant des fliegenden Personal, Fallschirmjäger

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