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Wehrmacht, Stahlhelm, 12 BEFESTIGUNGSSPLINTE für Schweißleder Innenausstattung

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End Date: 10. Dez. 11:37
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Question Trench Art from Lens?? (Letter Opener)

Howdy all - me again with another bit of (I think) junk from my hoard of stuff.

Now I bought this on eBay 2 years ago by accident.. well I desperately wanted a letter opener (one to actually use but the functionality of this item is 0 as the hilt slides apart from the bullet when you try to use it). Anyway I was told it was WW1 which is why I put it in this forum but I know next to nothing else about it.

I tried to google the marks on the casing and couldn’t find much and I’ve been meaning to post it on some kind of forum for the entire time I’ve had it but I’ve never gotten round to it until now.

Anyway my brother in law thinks it looks too new and shiny (and bullets don’t have crowns on them he reminds me!) to be that old but I thought I’d rely on more expert opinions from you fine people!


Any info would be great and obviously as to whether it is actually as old as it was stated on the sale page.

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Can someone help me identify this helmet? Thanks

New here, my grandfather had given me an German WW2 helmet about ten years ago, I have had it among other things stored away and recently brought it out and was curious as to what helmet is it exactly? I am 100% it is real because he had in for over fifty years and I don’t think they were making quality fakes back then.

Anyways, thank you in advance. I was wandering what type it might be and at what price category it would fall into, I am not looking to sell just curious as to what it is and if it has worth.

Thanks again.1136855

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Need help! WWI or WWII USMC Marines ? device pin ANCHOR GLOBE Unique.

I bought these at an estate sale of a man who was in WWII (USAAF). There was some of his stuff there, as well as items from his FATHER, who was in France in WWI. I bought a photo album, scrapbook, these 2 pins, WWI Victory medal, and a pair of sterling silver pilot/aviator wings (listed in another thread). These look like USMC insignia, but there is no eagle! I’m not familiar with the rear pin either. Any help would be great! Thanks!


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66726 Paar Kragenspiegel eines Major des fliegenden Personal , Fallschirmjäger

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Need help! WWII or WWI sterling sliver Aviator Pilot AAF wings Pin ? Unique BRITISH ? US ?

As the title states…I need some help! lol. I bought these wings at an estate auction. The guys estate contained items from when he was in WWII (in the USAAF), and when his father was in WWI also doing things with Pilots and Transportation. These wings were in a lot with a WWI Victory medal, WWI photo album/scrapbook, and 2 USMC? devices insignia. The photo album has pics from France and I’m 100% sure his father was in France in 1918/1919. I have that listed in another thread. Anyway, I have posted pics, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Uniform Kragenspiegel Grün Gold Bouillon Rand mit Knopf

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Anyone know this WW2 German Dagger? What is it called?

Anyone know what type of WW2 German Dagger this is below? What is it called?

There is a "K" under the cross guard


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Need help! VW Kubelwagen replica price

I stopped at a good friends house last week, a fellow German WW2 enthusiast. Ive heard stories from him about his Kubelwagen, and finally decided to take a look at it. First of all this isn’t a 100% WW2 era vehicle, its made using a 70s era VW "thing" But it does have many components on it that are original WW2. A lot of work has been done on this vehicle to make it look the part, and I have to say I love it. I believe the last time he drove it was about 6-7 years ago, and unfortunately its been sitting in a barn during that time. He told me the rats eat all the wiring out of it over the years, and it will need to be replaced. Here are the only two pics I have of it, sorry I didn’t take more. It isn’t everyday you find one of these in a Texas barn, I was so exited I only took these pics LoL. He told me he would be willing to sell it to me, because he knows hes not going to mess with it again. He hasn’t shot me a price yet, and im guessing he is waiting on me to throw out an offer. Any ideas on what this would go for? Im drawing blanks on coming up with a price. Any estimates you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards- Jarret


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Dream rig,olways wanted one as a kid

Watched a lot of cowboy shows and movies as a kid.Always dreamed of having a 45 western rig like they had.This is a Ruger Vaquero 45 LC with holster and belt,they are neat to own.

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