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Panzerkragenspiegel Panzerjäger Panzer Wehrmacht WK 2 WW 2

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Lufty Q64 vs Lufty Q66


I’m thinking of getting one of these two M40 helmets. Both are Quist M40s and are a similar price. Helmet B is slightly more expensive.
Helmet A has the chip strap, but a slight layer or rust coming through the shell. Helmet B is in a general better condition - the paint is very good.

I believe both helmets to be orginal for these reasons:
1) Paint looks the right shade for Quist helmet and has the correct level of roughness.
2) Both decals look good to me - the detail seems there on the feathers, the claws, the beak and eyebrow. The claws overlap the swastika correctly. I’ve compared to other 2nd pattern birds which look very similar.
3) Helmet B looks to have a lot stamp of 2×25 which is think is good.

I couldn’t see the lot stamp on helmet A. Also the only thing that concerns me a bit with helmet B is the worn liner which is perhaps not as consistent with the exterior of the shell?

I’m leaning towards helmet B because it does look pretty darn good.

Any opinions on either helmet and levels of authenticity are welcome.
Apologies for the size of pics - it is the best i could get.

Thanks in advance

unknown British haversack

Hello i picked this pack up the other day. and i am having trouble trying to identify what its use was for.
i have never seen a back like this. my only thought might for a field radio. at the front says tropic proofed inside has a lining. 3 vent holes underneath.
if some is able to help me with this i would be grateful.
thanks markcool militaria

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Heer M43 tunic - Pioneer Feldwebel

Hi all, I just thought I’d show my latest addition to the collection, hope you like it!

I’ll post the dealer pictures first, these are from Mike Davis at the Virtual Grenadier (great service as usual), and then add a few of my own. The tunic on his website:-

His text (in case the link disappears one day, he sums it up nicely!

"Heer Pionier Feldwebel M43 service blouse, completely original service used ‘textbook’ example, constructed of mid war quality German wool and lined in pale grey colored rayon, stamped with RBNr, size markings and M.44 depot, with internal belt support straps of webbed materials, bandage pocket and collar liner buttons of pressed paper, cuff buttons are of grey colored glass, the blue painted pebbled steel buttons are originally sewn and no buttons are missing, with steel hook and eye at the throat, having four patch pockets with straight pocket flaps, the factory applied insignia included straight machine stitched subdued collar patches and subdued woven national emblem applied in the ‘zip and flip’ style with the lower edges being straight machine stitched, the matched pair of slip on shoulder straps are the later style constructed of darker and coarser wool, these have synthetic piping and rayon reinforcing materials, both collar and shoulder straps have matching non metallic NCO tresse and straps appear to be original to the garment, there are original loops for two breast badges and an EKII ribbon is sewn to the buttonhole, garment with some age yellowing and overall light wear, the two rear belt hook support hole positions have areas of abrading, a lower corner of the right breast pocket has a small abraded area, otherwise there are no other damaged areas or alterations"

Although Luftwaffe enlisted uniforms is probably my main interest I quite like the later war Heer uniforms too. I have an M42 and an M44 feldbluse, but there was a yawning chasm in between (an M43…) :D

Regards, Paul

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German ww2 fighting knife PUMA info needed

Vet son purchase knife,only marked PUMA solingen, bakelite handle, has clip on scabbard,boot knife?

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USMC Small Grouping

I’ve never seen this permission document before. Cig case translates to "serving the nation" & artist/calligraphers attribution "written by Terauchi".

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Mauser P38 BYF44 “Dualtone” opinions.

Made by Mauser in late 44,bought from vets son,has the phosphate slide and frame,blued barrel,all matching numbers, nice cond. p38,opinions welcome.

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Question Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber

Hi, I got this Panzerkampfabzeichen. Until now I see nothing wrong with it but I would be glad to hear some confirmation from others.
Thanks and best regards.

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NVA medal bar


Got this nice 4 place medal bar today.

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SMF army dagger,vet return,rare?

I have seen a lot of Luft swords,daggers and gravity knives made by SMF but only one or 2 armys made by this maker.Are these pretty rare or just uncommon,opinions welcome.This dagger is in minty cond. best army I have seen.Blade is perfect with a neddle sharp tip and all the original cross graining.One side of grip is a lighter color orange,fading from laying one one side?

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