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Frankreich Technik Maling Takt. Zeichen Divisionsabzeichen Elite Stahlhelm

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Stahlhelm schwarz Feuerwehr mit Innenfutter Größe 60 - vor 1945 gefertigt (3)

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Why the Samurai sword design for the Type 95 sword

Some further insight added to the Type 95 story…2/#post1751227

WW 2 Klammer, Schnalle Stahlhelm M-35,40,42

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Battle Impacted M16 Helmet WW1 WW2 w/ unique Patina

Battle impacted w/ Vintage Paint/Patina WW1 WW2 German M16 M17 Helmet BF 64 (cm) | eBay
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This is for bootstrapping American Science, since US Schools Rank 22nd in Science & 30th in Math;
We need to rebuild US Jobs;
And start young! We’re bringing science expos to schools across the US;
Before we go, we call local business & philanthropists, to see if they’re interested in sponsor the schools,
especially if they have any mentors they’d like to sponsor.
Phase 2 is to get kids into yr round science competitions,
modeling off the Segue Scooter’s Dean Kamen, who started a robotics competition in 1989;
We need to also replicate that for a diversity of fields,
starting with Alternative Energy, Medical Research & Nanotechnology.….com_Flier.pdf

Brought back to the US as a WW2 war trophy;
hopefully, the protected wearer went on to have a positive role in many lives in the intervening post-War years… after the guy’s headache & ears stopped ringing!

Ebay mobile kills 95% of text, so…in the interim,
to the Right of text, click on the arrow :shok_yikes:

As you might guess, I enjoy researching history;
My finds are upon the ebay listing :b:
Battle impacted w/ Vintage Paint/Patina WW1 WW2 German M16 M17 Helmet BF 64 (cm) | eBay

If you’re bidding from outside the US,
PM/write me (esp. on ebay!)
& I’ll put an exemption in for your country (Ah, the joys of fiscally kickstarting a NonProfit!)
Thanks kindly!

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Need help! What do we have here?

Hi guys,
Any ideas what I have here? Looks Chinese by a couple of the markings but I’m no expert. Is it trench art? There must be a reason for the glass bottom. Bore site device maybe?

Signature of a Kapitan-leytenant 05.09.1941.


Can anyone identify who owns this signature.?


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Question cylinder and spinner identification

hi guys, just need your help to identify what aircraft these would be from?
I initially thought FW109 for the cylinder but after comparing it with some others online it didn’t match perfectly.
The spinner is apparently from an me109 but i don’t think that’s correct,
Thoughts on both?

I’m getting more photos and dimensions tonight.

spinner4.jpg spinner2.jpg spinner3.jpg spinner1.jpg cylinder1.jpg cylinder2.jpg cylinder3.jpg cylinder4.jpg

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Need help! Position of Awards on german Luftwaffe Tunic

Hellowto all

i have a rather trivial question, but even thou i looked hard, i could not find a helpful thread for it.

In what order / sequence / position - and where - are the awards to be placed on the tunic?

I studied many pics and have a general idea about some of them, but it´s still a rather confusing matter for me.
Even the so common Verwundetenabzeichen, sometimes its on the lower corner of the pocket, sometimes in the lower center, sometimes even under the pocket.

I came to this question when i decided to "upgrade a "new" old Luftwaffe Gefreiter Uniform i got recently. I sewed very carefully some tiny "Award Loops" to it, but then the question arose, about where /or how what award to use and where exactly it goes.

I have SA Sportsbadge, Wounded badge, KVK Class I, HJ pin, Sportabzeichen, Sturmabzeichen and so on, you know the game.

So.. which one goes were, or in case that two or three would go on the same place, which one takes precedence?
I will try to upload some pics about how i have it now, as i don want to overload it..

Annexed are some pics of the Tunic on which i wanna place the awards.

Suggestions & comments are very welcome


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Gab 25

Could this GAB 25 be real? Seller wants $850. Seems low even in rough condition with broken catch. 1088570

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