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Need help! Need help on this us m1917 helmet with 77th id flash

I have this helmet I got a couple of weeks ago and was wondering about the 77th id flash on the front, I didn’t pay much for it but would like opinions on it, I been told real and also post war applied, now some else told me they didn’t put insignia on helmets and uniforms til after the war so not sure if that is true or not but heres the helmet so real or fake insignia



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6×30 Dienstglas ddx triangle

In an extremely lucky find, I came across a $5 pair of Dienstglas in an antique shop in Providence marked simply as ‘army binoculars’. Unfortunately they’re missing all the leather, the case and the left eyepiece is broken, but for the price I can’t complain.

I’d like to have the optics cleaned up as they’re a bit dirty, so your thoughts on that would be appreciated.









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Mystery equipment

Hello, I’m still new here so sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but I have some artifacts here that are a complete mystery to me. They were in a box full of Nazi arm bands, clothing, a Luftwaffe summer flying cap and some other stuff. Any ideas / help would be great - thanks!

The items in the first 2 pictures are the biggest mystery, the item in the other 2 pictures is possibly an ignition pull-cable, but that’s just a guess.


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Reichswehr, frühe WH Offiziers Kragenspiegel Pioniere f. Waffenrock handgestickt

EUR 20,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 04. Sep. 20:27
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alter einzelner Polizei,Feuerwehr Kragenspiegel schönes original Stück

EUR 1,99 (1 Bids)
End Date: 04. Sep. 20:07
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Wehrmacht Elite LW Stahlhelm Kinnriemen für Modelle M35 M40 M42 2.WK.

EUR 30,50 (5 Bids)
End Date: 31. Aug. 20:04
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DAK Arld

Really enjoyed this tropical buckle and excellent condition.993960993961993962993963993964

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Stahlhelm M16, Reichswehr, Österreich, KuK B.G.B 66, Embleme entfernt,1.WK /377

EUR 98,00 (30 Bids)
End Date: 01. Sep. 12:30
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HJ and SS Black canteen covers

I have a question - whether there were black covers for canteens for HJ and SS?

J. Angolia, in his book "Hitler Youth", wrote that the early HJ canteen covers were black.
Is there some sort of documentary evidence of this? Is it possible that this is a mistake of the author?
Unfortunately, much information I could not find.


And one more question, on SS covers. I know, that usually SS covers was the same as that of the Wehrmacht canteens, but recently I saw an interesting catalog, "Junger Jager & Co" manufacturer:


In addition to the standard WH and SA covers, the manufacturer offers delivery and black covers for SS:


Can anyone have information about this? Maybe, is it only the "unrealized idea"?
Best regards, Michael

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wanted Early SS daggers

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Description: Allways looking for early makermarked M33 SS daggers.
Also M36 Chained SS daggers B1 and C.
Looking for excellent to mint conditions.
Trade possible for some nice SS bullion collartabs.

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