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Erkennungsmarke 2.M.G.B.1

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tschapka real or fake

can i have your thought on this please958331958330958332958333958334

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Cruciform No4 Mk1 spike bayonet relic Normandy find

Good day all

An interesting recent acquisition of mine. A Cruciform No4 Mk1 spike bayonet relic found in Normandy. Attached are some pictures.

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alte Armbanduhr ,SILVANA ,militärische dienstuhr , D 402057 H 2.wk, läuft gut

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Picture help.

Hi all, a couple of years ago I came across a few images of British troops with tropical helmets on and in the pictures a few had nets over the helmets, I have since come across an Indian made helmet net that is oversized ,it’s much larger than a standard helmet net, now as normally happens I can’t find the images and was wondering if anyone else has or has seen similar pictures , my train of thought was maybe my net was for a pith/tropical helmet rather than a mk2.

SON OF SAUL (Movie).

Morning gents, I just thought I would give you the "heads up" about the film SON OF SAUL that is soon to be released at the cinemas. It is a harrowing account of one mans time at Auschwitz and has received reviews that are profound and respectfully positive given the subject matter. A short trailer is available on youtube. Leon.

Wehrmacht Feldbluse M40 Feldjacke Uniform WH WW2

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Fallschirmjägerhelm Stahlhelm Wehrmacht Luftwaffe Normandie Tarnung Helm

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Need help! Wakizashi confirmation

Hello, New poster here from Norfolk, VA. Amazing site and thought I would post a Wakizashi I received from a friend who’s father served in WW2. Having a bit of trouble dating this blade and was hoping to get some help from all of you. No Mei on the Nekago so makes it a bit difficult. I can get more pictures and closeups if needed. Anything about the Tsuba would be great as well as I really like that piece. The Blade and Tsuba seem much older than the rest of hardware that it is adorned with and was looking for a confirmation. Also received a WW2 Katana late war I’d be happy to post as well that seems to have been given a new Tsuka post war. I’ll post a few below just for kicks and see what you all think of it. Thanks for looking and look forward to learning from all of you. I’m only a few days into learning about this stuff and mean no disrespect if I misspell or misuse some militaria


Was told it’s 1945, March and Yoshitada on other side.

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M42 ckl62 ND 4746

This was my third ND ckl this week. When it rains it pours.

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