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Important! A helmet database and a request for help

Hello fellow collectors,

Over at the GHW there is a detailed lot number database that is used to establish the bonafides and validation / verification of what are now extremely valuable pieces of metal and, because of the invaluable information it contains, it is well guarded. I would like to create a database on WRF however it would NOT be the same as theirs ( as I am not looking at decals or suchlike ) because am trying to establish some patterns to the material as used by different manufacturers over the years and lots ( and styles, such as the Luftschutz helmets where some are lighter than others ). It is something that seems so difficult and complex I think it has been in the TOO HARD basket for too long……. maybe now is the time to tackle it?

A long process but one that I think will be worthwhile and one ( like the 1000 post helmet ) CANNOT succeed without your help - I am just the facilitator and I love research. If the moderators of this fine forum deem it a worthwhile quest, I am up to it!!

So this is where you all come in - what I would like from you is if you can please tell me ( I don’t need a photo ) this info about any of your helmets…

Model ( M35, M40, M42 )
Maker & size ( if unable to determine, say relic - but only complete shells please )
Type ( HLCC=complete helmet with chinstrap, HLC=helmet without strap otherwise complete, HL=shell + liner band only, H=shell only )
Lot Number ( if unable to determine, write ‘unknown’ )
Weight ( in kg or pounds ) on kitchen scales - digital or spring is OK, round to nearest 10gms.
Metal thickness ( in mm or thou ) measured on the rear skirt adjacent to the lot number stamping. If the metal is corroded so the stamping is illegible, please state that.

An example of a typical row of the database spreadsheet would look like this -
M35 CKL64 HLCC 4271 1.30 1.6 ( model, maker & size / HLCC = helmet,liner,chinstrap / weight in kg / measurement in mm )

In the coming days I will post an image showing what it would look like.

Stage I would be just a callout for data as outlined above to get the ball rolling
Stage II would be to break down the data into manufacturers
Stage III would be looking at liner types and If ( at all ) there are correlations to which maker preferred which liner.

What say ye …. does this ‘get the guernsey’ ( as we Aussies say ) and if so, can you help?
Cheers, Dan the techno man.

STAHLHELM Abzeichen Werkschutz Focke Wulf M 34 M 35 M 40 M 42

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Enddatum: Sonntag Jul-01-2012 17:12:28 CEST
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automobile corps


opinions on this rare dagger,will post more pics when it arrives,an idea of value would be helpful,thanks in advance

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Need help! Engraved wwii dress bayonet fake?

Good Day all!
I can take this bayonet 200usd!
Please Help!Fake or not fake!

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ORIGINAL teil von Karbid Lampen

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Enddatum: Samstag Jun-30-2012 18:12:43 CEST
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top seltener Stahlhelm mit Ohrenauschnitt - Helm M18 der Marine mit Stempel Top!

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Original army aviation patch 203 aviation company war eagles german made

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Vtg. WWII Luftwaffe Panzer Wehrmacht Aviator Helmet Flying Flight Pilot Goggles

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Ww2 german helmet liner drawstring, original

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End Date: Sunday Jul-01-2012 14:58:31 PDT
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GS Gestapa? badge

Dont exactly know what this is but was told it may be Gestapa related. Info is very much appreciated:)

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