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Alter Helm Deutschland WW2, 2. Weltkrieg, Stahlhelm, WH, Wehrmacht

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Enddatum: Samstag Okt-01-2011 20:20:58 CEST
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Wehrmacht - Splittertarn Set Hose, Tshirt + Helmbezug Stahlhelm 3 Teile

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Enddatum: Montag Okt-10-2011 9:48:19 CEST
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wow fleck trousers

not your average run of the mill 1990s dated flecktarn trouser
dated 2010cool militaria label says
Attachment 245919Attachment 245918
any german speakers who can make head or tail of itcool militaria


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Altes Zaumzeug Trense Kavallerie original Wehrmacht Soldat “.WK WH Dachbodenfund

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Enddatum: Samstag Okt-01-2011 13:04:38 CEST
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Help with South African Unit Insignia

Hi Fellas,
Can anyone identify this Flash on a 1942 South African MkII,please
and is it good :)
Cheers Mick

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WH Helmbezug Eichentarn GR 2 Stahlhelm Wehrmacht WK2

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Enddatum: Sonntag Okt-16-2011 14:22:26 CEST
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Large NSDAP Banner …. with a little extra

I recently bought this banner off of Craigslist from someone who was selling their old things to save up for a laser level for small landscaping project. I haggled with him a bit and even let him shop it around a bit to show that my offer was fair. Eventually we came to an agreement. It just came in the mail today, and as I took it out and was looking it over I noticed some writing on it.

It turns out some of the soldiers had written their names and position on the banner. I did not know that there was this little extra and I don’t think that the seller did either. This peaked my interest so I asked the seller if he could give me any extra info on the banner. He said that the only info he would give me is that it was his father’s. He refuses to give anything like his name because he thinks that he sold the banner for too little and does not want anyone else making a profit off of it. notcool. It frustrates me that he refuses to let someone take their time to document the history of the banner and the story of his father just because he fears someone might make an extra buck.

I have sent him an email asking him to rethink this and gave him my promise to keep the banner and any found research in my collection. Until then I will try to find out any info on the signers of the banner.

Banner Specs : 8′-6" long x 3′-8" wide

diameter of the white circle is 39"

There is no moth holes at all and only a tear near the middle of the banner at the top.

Names on the banner:
Company Commander: John C.(?) Corcoran
E.X. Officer: John P. Page
1st SGT.: Morgan G. Nanis
Catholic Chaplain: Francis S. Mifcoric(?)
Mess SGT: Browning


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Question Italian, but not sure what exactly it is.

I know that the medal is Italian. The phrase "Sede Provincial Livorno" translates to "provincial headquarters livorno". Livorno being a city on the western edge of Italy. This medal was with other WW2 axis items, and this is one of three things I can’t find any information on. Is it ally? Is it axis? What time frame was this worn? Was it worn around the neck or were the 2 holes for sewing? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Attachment 245891

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Ebay Pricing Fail??

WORLD WAR II US NAVY MEDALS (6) | eBay this posting is what i call when people pay to much for a lot

Question Why the difference please?.


Could someone explain why on these two Heer sabres the eagle head point the opposite way?. Thankyou.

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