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newbie needs helmet id m1

hi folks im new to this forum and this is my first post can anybody id this helmet the seller told me it was genuine ww2 but i very much doubt it ,the lid has swivel bails theres a stamp inside with the letters LS and the liner is made from dark green plastic material

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New M42

Hi. I bought this one quite cheap (130€). Its a battle damaged M42 with original liner but unfortunately the chinstrap is missing. Anyway I’m pleased with it. :D

Can you guys help me figure out the maker off this one?
Its marked 225 and Hkp(?)56

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sa rare maker?

hi,trying to find someone that has the sa rareity book and can check out one for me? its a ERNSTKEMPER thanks:)

IIIrd Reich fire-brigade buckle ?

Somebody knows something regarding this buckle ?

Thx. in advance,


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double decal M35 reissue Heer

This is an SE 68 reissue Heer. It was originally an apple green double decal heer, repainted a combat green, with a second heer adler applied, and apparently another coat of combat paint over it. The tricolor appears to be the only one on this piece, but there are at least 2 eagles. Lot # 3495. Hope you like it, Jim G.

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Heer Paratrooper Badge

i believe this is a reproduction,but would like to hear other's opinions on this piece,,,thanks,,Robert

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Hungarian mannlicher 43M

do you have some additional info about this rifle?
Also pricing level…

some pics:

ss 8 year service original?

Hello! Found this one out for sale and I wonder if it´s a good one or a bad one. Imo it looks good but I have no experience of this awards. What is a reasonable price for this award do you think?
Grateful for help. thanks.

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Luftwaffe m 40 sd

Gday again,

Another helmet from my collection, any thoughts?

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A thought to ponder…..

Just a thought, and I am only new here and don't want to tread on any toes, but one thing I have learnt collecting helmets,and commemorating my own families military history, and it is quite confusing, I had relis in the British, German and Polish armies in WW2 and my family has also served in the Australian Army, Navy and Air force, I think we need to realise we are only the custodians of our collections, they will be here after we are gone and wether we pass them down to our families or sell them on, we need to respect it, look after it and educate the people we pass them on to as to why they are special,put them in a historic context and what they represent be they from either side......

Just a thought

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