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From german and english trenches

Here are some objects from german and english trenches with a request of identify.

So appear this not common object to find with md

A english mess tin appear to over 50 cm under…

Here are all obhect find. Some idea about iron objects with holes? Are tools of german mortar? Thanks.

shed found bayo, help needed!

I was at work today speaking to an elderly gentleman, he was telling me about his experiences of the war as child on the suffolk coast, next thing he goes into his shed and hands me two bayos smiles and tells me to take them home!

i have no idea about bayos so any help to id would be great, ones british and the other is french with an inscription running along the back of the blade, my camera is to old to capture the writing clearly, it reads something like ….16re d olimes de lt etienne juillet1879
any help would be great, sorry for the awful pictures

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US army silk scarf

hiya guys, this is a US army silk scarf from FORT DIX, N.J. :D

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1941 US army induction certificate

hiya guys

here we have a US army induction certificate to a PRIVATE FIRST CLASS JOHN L BLAIR of the MEDICAL DETACHMENT, 117th INFANTRY dated 17th of march 1941 at FORT OGLETHROPE, GEORGIA A.S.N 34039164. still in very good condition although it looks like the edge has been trimed at some point either to put in a frame or to tidy up the tatty edge cool militaria

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WW2 US Airborne jump wings

hiya guys

here we have another good set of WW2 airborne jump wings its had is pin replaced but Ive been told all is good this was another eBay bargain cool militaria

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SS silver/gold bullion bars…..

First, i know this is probably not the right forum, i could not find one for currency, or bullion bars.

Here is what i was needing to know, I’m sure there was Gold, and Silver bullion bars that was made, or as some call it portable currency, I have someone that claims , his grandfather brought these home with him after serving in WW2.

He said he can provide proof of his grandfathers service, and where he served at exactly.

And, what does the AWZ mean, Auschwitz, or what ?

He said these are 1.6 once bars, these are all silver bars, the one pic, looks like gold, but its not.

Or are these fake/fantasy bars.

Please let me know what you all think of these.


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Hello guys,

what are your opinions on this one? Authentic or not?

Thank you very much,

Need help! Schnellboat 2nd Class-fake? Complete Novice!


Am a complete novice in the medal field (and female! *winks)

My father has passed several German medals onto me,they were collected by his brother and have remained in storage for at least 25 years until his death recently.

I have googled as much as I can on these medals and think I have a 2nd class Schnellboot badge in the collection but am not totally sure as I'm a no expert.

Please can you inform me if this is a genuine badge and what it's worth if it is.I really don't want to be ripped off when selling it and would like to be informed.

Many thanks for looking.

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Regimental marked bayonet help

Anyone have a bayonet to match up with one of my regimental marked rifles ?. Trade or !.

1) Gew98 marked 120.R.5.91.
2) Gew98 marked 14.P3.44.
3) Gew98 marked 57.R.1.73. ( Reserve Italic R )
4) Gew98 marked 4.R.J.3.K.
5) Gew98 marked 72.R.7.202.
6) Gew98 marked B.13.R.
7) Gew98 marked 68.R.12.77.
8) Gew98 122 reserve ( for buddy )
Gew 88's
1) 45.R.10.151.
2) 145.R.E.2.223.
3) L.OP.1.22. ( Landwehr script L from Oppeln)
4) 159.R.1.59.
5) 2.G.G.R.R.4.135. ( first R is reserve script R )
6) 18.P.5.41.
7) B.14.R.E.3.200.

Obviously I can't expect matched down to the company...same regiment
is at least what I seek.

My WWII Springfield Garand

Thought I would share my WWII Springfield Garand. According to Duff, rifle manufactured in April / 1944. The following info also obtained from Duff publication.

Reciever D28291 - 32 Correct for April / 1944 Manf.
Trigger Assembly D28290 - 12- SA Correct for April / 1944 Manf.
Uncut - Slide / Op Rod D35382 - 9 - SA July / 1943 Manf.
Bolt D28287 - 12 - SA July / 1943 Manf.
Barrel D36448 - 35 - A - 104 S-A-3-46 March / 1946

Oh well, everything but the barrel is WWII. I've got it close. I still like to shoot it, and it's difficult to find WWII barrels that are not shot out. I know I can't have my cake and eat it too, but I'm trying.:D I hear the same thing as you Gary, "Why the heck are you still shooting that thing." My only reply is because it's fun.

The bayonet is an M-1, Oneida Limited / 1943, with fiberglass scabbard. Unlike the M1905 bayos, the M1's did not have serial numbers. The Oneida Limiteds were manufactured 1943 through 1945. I really love this rifle, I've had it for several years and put probably too many rounds through it. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.


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