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Can anybody ID this Luftwaffe buckle?

I picked this belt & buckle up at an antique shop! The only TR thing he had. On the back it has 2 diamond-shaped symbols. The buckle has had so much use you can hardly make them out anymore. Can somebody tell me who made this buckle? The belt, itself, is marked: ST KOMP. J.O.R. II/134 (or 34) 1937 below the date is an I The former owner (Kurt Streibel) carved his name on the belt. On the other end of the belt is stamped "lL.B.A." and possibly some other things that I really can’t read. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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Hamburgers allowed… R J.R.76

As last helmet for 2009 I want to show you a M95 Pickelhaube for Enlisted Men of R J.R.73.III.B. of the city Hamburg. Inside it's also marked in white paint J.R.163 1910...
I suppose the wearer of this helmet was first with J.R.163 and became later a reservist in R J.R.73.III.B.
I can't make out the makers mark, anyone has a clue?


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My buckles

My buckles from a known

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Belt and buckle by JFS , need your help

Hi guys . I need opinion with this ones . I got this set 3 days ago from USA . Probably the buckle is painted now because the paint is washed away by modern vehicle very easily . What do you think , it is genuine or repros ? Thanks

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SS cap eagle 1936 pattern

This eagle marked SS 155/36 from Assmann had odd prongs.
What are your opinions about it?
(click on the pic's for better details)

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Wanted: Danish cross

Hi all.

Im looking for a Danish Schalburg cross.

Anyone can help?


helmet carrier on ebay

Guys there was a lovely leather helmet carrier on ebay ,and it went for 440£s.Im surprised it made that much.It was described as belonging to elite gut feeling is they where just isuued to any soldier when available.can someone verify that?I would love one but couldnt justifythe price ,guys that s the price of a trip to las vegas for gods sake:):)

Time travel book and backwards watch.

I bought an interesting book discusing time travel.Its a facinating concept.with the book you get a pocket watch that when you wind it it goes in reverse.Of all the pictures of german soldiers you have seen with helmets on ect which ones would you go back in time to get.I remember seeing a picture of a hitler youth in Berlin ready to face the russians,poor kid with a large m42 on which nearly covered his eyes it was so big,thats one i would go back for,and add to my collection.

Police decals

Was needing some opinions, I think their good but want to double check on these police decal, I know the configuration is ok on the helmet. Hoping the decals are originals. Sorry for small pics


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WW2 - M35 Wehrmacht Helmet - Real?

I was just wondering if this helmet is authentic or not. I have no idea, so I wanted to post it here to get opinions, I only have these three pictures. Also how much does this helmet generally go for without inner lining ? Any help will be appreciated.
Thank You

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