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Merit cross with swords

heres a new purchase i got today for £30.00 very nice piece but im not 100% sure if photo does go with this medal but the selling it said it did ;) any way hope you guys like it :D

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For sale: M40 SD Luftwaffe (Compleat)

Here's a very nice recently vet acquired un- messed helmet. It's a 62 shell but I can't make out the makers mark. Both the liner band and chin strap are marked 1942. Also there's a stamp on the leather liner. Offered for $795. plus shipping. Postal Money order or Pay-pal (+4%) Preferred.
Overseas buyers welcome. Not responsible for loss, theft, or damage if not fully insured buy the buyer. Buyer must state that insurance is wanted in full. Customs forms and insured value must reflect the same (post office rules).


What do you think about this pilotka?
Thank you for your views and comments.

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Waffen SS stamper

Hi guys,

The bid will be closed tomorrow; what do you think? :)

Thank you all!

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ss cup

said to be found in the becons, wales ,on the site of an old POW CAMP.:)

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Soviet stamps in TR headgear/tunics

I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm researching this triangular stamp that I've seen appearing in a lot of questionable TR clothing. From what I've learn't so far, this a Soviet manufacturer or clothing depot stamp. The other stamps mean "rental" and "written off" Is that correct?
I can't understand why this stamp would be on TR items? Museum, theatre or film studio stamps I can understand being there but not this one.
I'll post some of the TR items first.

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Gentelmens yours opinions pls

False or orginal?
Best Regards

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Another Kriegsmarine dagger. Unloved but now loved again.

Hi Guys, this is my final KM dagger to show you all.

Even though it is damaged I still love it becuase it was given to me by a late friend of mine, Sgt Mike Compton. Mike was a British Para and he fought in Italy, the South of France and Greece. I went over to the South of France three times with Mike to see where he fought. Mike (real name Hans) was born in Germany and escaped to the UK before the war. After being interned as a enemy alien, he was finally allowed to join the Pioneer Corps, then the Parachute Regt where his language skills where finally put to good use as a "Pathfinder".

Mike took the dagger in Southern Italy. He blamed the broken crossguard and eagle on his sons playing with it post war. These later zinc based fittings are very brittle and easily damaged. Still they never damaged the blade which is almost mint. The maker is Horster.

Cheers, Ade.

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personalized 2nd lufty

Hi guy's i bought this a few year's ago and when i looked at again at home i noticed it was etched under the crossguard, it say's Mutzelburg any suggestion's who or what it may be, all comment's welcome,

Cheer's Ronnie :)

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My find last summer

As someone who is endlessly jealous of our contributors from the rest of europe who keep finding piles of rusty relics, I thought I would post this picture of what I found last September, to encourage all of you in this country you can find stuff in the UK.

It is work still in progress when I get bouts of enthusiasm.

Basically found while excavating a Lancaster crash site ,the top cover opens and closes post crash fire had burnt on the clay and the site was wet so very rusty but complete with heater plates on the sides, was about 5 feet down.

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