IR 40 Waffenrock

Finally took some time to start photographing the parade tunics that I acquired through the recent Andreas Thies auction.

This first one is to to an Oberfeldwebel in IR 40 and came with matching slate gray parade trousers with white piping.
Infanterie Regiment 40 was formed in 1934 in Augsburg and the tailor shop is appropriately from that city. The regiment fought in Poland and France as part of the 27. Infanterie Division. In late 1940 the division was reorganized to form the 17. Panzer Division and the regiment was renamed Schuetzen Regiment 40.
This professional NCO was evidently a bit of a clothes horse and had fancy red panels for the front interior pieces done up at the tailor. Reminds me of general officer’s overcoats, but I have seen this before on a Waffenrock or two.


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