Important! Victoria Cross, Ribbon, Mini-Medal

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Greetings again! I stumbled upon these curious pieces recently and I purchased them together thinking that the full-size medal was fake, but the other two examples as originals…after doing some research I have become confident that the ribbon bar and mini-medal are real (even though the mini-medal version was apparently never officially issued) but the full-size medal I am still not sure about. I ruled it out at first because of the different colored ribbon and how it doesn’t fully fill up the medal bar that attaches to the suspension but then I found 19th century victoria crosses actually did look such a way with the ribbon not being as wide as the bar…the last photo I provided is an original awarded to a defender of Rorke’s drift. I have been unable to find many images of the reverses of these medals to compare the wide brooch to. Oh and if it helps anything the items were apparently displayed in an Australian museum in Queensland until 1986, not sure which museum however.

Any information would be absolutely appreciated. Thank you. :)

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