Kriegsurlaubsschein & Sonderausweis

Two documents I’d like to share and also have some questions.
First the urlaubsschein. On one side ther is writting that I can’t read and there is a stamp on the top right. All I can make out is Unteroffizier …….. Gebirgsjager.
Why would there be a Gebirgsjager stamp? The soldat going on urlaub was not a Gebirgsjager. On the other side note the writting along the edge. I believe this means that while on vacation he has to make himself available to Luftschutz duty.
Attachment 226500
Attachment 226501

Next is a Sonderausweis. First I’m not sure what this was used for and I can’t read were the destination (nach) or the reason (Grund).
I’ll appreciate any help I can get, Rudy.
Attachment 226502

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